Wild Night American Dream

2001 - Premiere Wellington International Jazz Festival and STAB season.

2001 - Creation, Christchurch.

"Desire, Danger, and all that Jazz"

Set in jazz-age New York, Wild Night American Dream tells the story of Mr. Black, a wide-eyed New Zealander seeking adventure in the big apple. He finds himself at a wild party hosted by Kitty, a flirtatious femme fatale with a deadly scheme on her mind. It is then Black's life takes an unexpected turn - 'boy, does he get burned'.

Based on a 1926 American jazz poem by Joseph Moncure-March.


Director - Haydn Kerr
Producer - Veronica Barton
Script Adaption - Andrew Coyle
Film Design - Julieanne Eason
Set Design - Missy Moffat
Music - Richie Pickard
Costume Design - Merle Schubert
Performers - Jason Clemence, Anastasia Dailianis, Lucette Hindin, Jason White, Blair Morten, Ruth Spencer, Sam Wills.