The Peculiar Case of Clara Parsons

2003 - Christchurch (Arts Festival)

2004 - National tour: Christchurch (Creation), Hamilton (FUEL festival), Wellington (Shed 11), Auckland (Galatos), Dunedin (Arts Festival)

Mixing technology into theatre the clinic unraveled a universal tale of love, betrayal and madness.

Clara, who lives in a large house with her aunt, has been confined to bed through sickness. In her fevered state she is visited by an illusionary friend, Crouch, who entertains her by telling her stories about the outside world.

To arrive at the truth, Clara must navigate a precarious love triangle soaked in lies and fantasies.


Director - Haydn Kerr
Producer - Veronica Barton
Writer - Jackie Van Beek
Film Design - Julieanne Eason (2003)  Rick Harvie (2004)
Set Design - Julieanne Eason
Sound Design - leyton leyton
Costume Design - Naomi Whitewood-Smith
Performers - Anastasia Dailianis, Lucette Hindin, Rhys Latton
and Gareth Reeves