Synapse, Digging for Apples

2001 - Shop front, cnr Gloucester and Manchester (now Tulsi restaurant), Christchurch

2000 - Shed 11, Wellington Fringe Festival

Based on Alice in Wonderland, the audience followed Alice to meet different characters in an ever-changing performance space made of screens, video projections and shadow play.

Four large independent screens worked in with the walls of the hired space to make the set/stage area. As the audience entered one room, actors and technicians 'offstage' would move the remaining screens to make different rooms for the narrative drama to flow through, surprising the audience and creating the shifting realities inherent to the story.

Director - Anastasia Dailianis
Producer - Anastasia Dailianis
Sound Design - The Research Centre
Film Design - Alastair Crawford
Performers - Lucette Hindin, Jason Clements, Julieanne Eason, Haydn Kerr, Veronica Barton, Adam Hayward, Stephen Austin, Gene Banyard, Daniel Perriam, Micheal Fielding