2002 - Inter Druck Gallery, Leipzig, Germany

2002 - Enjoy Gallery, Wellington, NZ

2002 - The Physics Room Art Gallery, Christchurch, NZ

Dream / Wachsein was a collaborative research project initiated by Lucette Hindin after meeting Eva Maria Gauss at Transit III in Holstebro, Denmark in January 2001. Lucette joined with members of Eva's company Si!Theater and two members of Elusive Camel Productions (Nottingham, UK), for one month's work in Leipzig, Germany, resulting in the performance 'Zeit: Dream / Wachsein.'

Eva then came to New Zealand, where together they worked with five archetypes of the human relationship with time: Sorrow, Nostalgia, Fear, Anticipation and Presence. 

Director - Lucette Hindin, Eva Maria Grauss
Sound Design - Thomas Philpotts
Performers - Lucette Hindin, Eva Maria Grauss, Anastasia Dailianis, Pipi Evans, Micheal Adams.