Cyrano de Bergerac

2006 Christchurch Summertimes Festival

(The Botanical Gardens)

Adapted from the Anthony Burgess translation of Edmond Rostand’s famous play, the clinic brought a fast paced, comic flavour to this classic tale as part of the outdoor summer theatre season.

Soldier and poet, Cyrano is doubly afflicted by the belief his large nose makes him too ugly to profess his love for Roxanne. Instead, he pens the love letters for another of her suitors.

Director - Teodor Surcel

Produced by the clinic



Gareth Reeves - Cyrano
Robbie Hunt - Raganeau (Cyrano’s friend) / ensemble
Anastasia Dailianis - Roxanne / ensemble
Trymel Green - Dueanna (Roxannes lady in waiting) / ensemble
Cameron Douglas - Christian / ensemble
Patrick Duffy  - Narrator / ensemble
Stuart McKay - Ligniere / ensemble
Lance McBride - Valvert / ensemble
Jess Stringer - Ensemble
Greg Malcom  - Muscian
Millie Jocelin – Script assistant
Nigel Kerr – Set design / Construction
Giles Tanner - Technician
Haydn Kerr – Script adaptation
Lucette Hindin – Costume design and construction