Between the Dog and the Wolf

An audiovisual experience,  installed as part of the Audacious Festival, hosted by the Auricle Sonic Arts GalleryOctober 2015


"... a work of quiet intensity and lingering impact."  - Naomi van den Broek 


The public are guided into the set of a simple living room. They sit on the couches in the set, and put on the headphones particular to each seated position. The audio begins.

'Between the dog and the wolf' is theatre re-contextualized. With the use of binaural sound recording actors are heard speaking and moving as though they were present but never appear live. Moving video images complimenting the audio are projected down into the set; a door closes, a packet of sweets is opened, placed on the table and consumed, shadows grow longer, the lights switch on.

The listeners are encouraged to develop a keen awareness in this scene where time contracts and space become elastic. The story that unfolds takes place at dusk, when the slowly fading light leaves two young adults shut in a room in summer house, a space of hope and suspense. In this interweaving of visual and aural systems of illusion, a floating quality is given to an everyday scene, exploring the unstable relationship between interpreting the world as it is and interpreting the world as we perceive it.

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Duration: 20 mins

Fits 5 people at one sitting, & begins on entry

Produced by the clinic

​Funded by Creative New Zealand
With support from projectorsnz & Fab Lab Chch 
Julieanne Eason
Assistant Director:  Lucette Hindin
Script: the clinic & Georgina Titheridge 
Sound Engineer:  Thom O'Conner
Set Construction & Dressing: Hannah Beehre 
Technical Director:  Simon Kong
Projections & Programming: Julieanne Eason
Malo Gold
Ana Gold 
Carl & Pasco Pavletich 
Georgi Walsh 
Ben Freeth
Andrew Bell 

Jill  Morris