Beneath Our Feet

2001 - Christchurch Arts Festival (The Great Hall)

Beneath Our Feet was commissioned as part of the Christchurch Arts Festival 2001 and was presented as a performance installation inside a fabrication of a house.

This was a large-scale multimedia installation which explored Christchurch's changing relationship to the land and was set in simulation of old Christchurch house. Audiences moved through, encouraged to follow the life of the current occupant and her ancestors by exploring the stories in the objects around them. 

Director - Adam Hayward
Producer - Marianne Hargreaves
Set Design - Mark McIntyre, Heather Straker
Scene Directors - Haydn Kerr, Anastasia Dailianis
Script - Lucette Hindin
Sound Design - Tim Brott
Prop and Story Design - Julieanne Eason